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We are kind of a big deal.
How (and why) we delight all senses...

From celebratory events to heart breaks, holidays, just because and cravings, arrangements, gift baskets and new babies, decorated/themed filler and the perfect tasty yet personable touch to any occasion... 

has immersed ourselves into what makes humans happy nice people, with clean fingers and a negative carbon footprint. To date, we've delivered 3,954 batches and counting, of pretzel joy to make sure that trend continues.


We are THE premium dipped chocolate pretzel provider, known to be the ONLY shop that does the most with undeniably gratifying pretzel goodness...

We double dog dare you to try our Dark Collection

and pair it with your favorite wine for an extra smile!

Pretty in Pink Pretzel pack with complementary Rose Rock Candy Treat

Our Story

Stacy Kathleen founded That's Right, Sweetie during the hot summer of 2019. A decorated teacher by day and a chocolate dipping connoisseur by night, her local patrons in Wisconsin created a demand for supply that she decided was time to put a TM on it, and established the online shop you know and love to fulfill all events and taste bud's dreams..


Where That's Right, Sweetie took off is in the infamous collections. Serving creme de la creme, premium dark chocolate was a delight not many could dream up, and it's now their staple Collection. Perhaps in combination is the red wine pairings for those intrigued!
(Try the Dark Collection here!)


Was each Collection created because it answered the call to a large emotion or taste bud craving?

Indeed, they were.

Stacy's mission for each delivery is for the recipient to feel the hand crafted, unique, and delicately pieced together display while enjoying the ridiculously delicious, well balanced treat of sweet and salty in seven bites or less.

We love our return customers and thank all who can't help but carry great reference by word of mouth. We all have things to celebrate!


Order a beautiful assortment of That's Right, Sweetie's premium dipped pretzels today!

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