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Classic and Colorful Pretzel Package

Classic and Colorful Pretzel Package

SKU: 0012
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Indulge in our Classic and Colorful Pretzel Package, perfect for those who love a pop of color and flavor. Our premium white chocolate is colored to perfection in a variety of vibrant shades, making each rod a work of art. These pretzels have the perfect balance of sweet and salty, making them a treat for all taste buds. This package is perfect for snacking, gifting, or even as a colorful addition to your dessert table. Try them now and experience the deliciousness yourself
    • All packaging elements are recyclable and eco-friendly
    • We recommend purchasing (1) freeze pack for each dozen purchased, if weather is slated to be 80°F and above at departure or the destination.
    • Our Dark Collection deliveries come with a Red Wine pairing suggestion for the recipient, on the box. Please look for this when unboxing!
    • IF you have visualized a custom order, please email us or fill out the field and let us know! We are delighted to hear of your theme and take great pride in delivering beautiful custom made orders.
    • See the FAQs for other fun facts and common queries!
  •  1 Order includes 1 Dozen or 12 Pretzel sticks

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